Each gearbox is broken down completely.  The case is steam cleaned, media blasted and all threads are cleaned and checked.  The internal parts are examined for wear and  replaced if questionable.  All items that are prone to high wear are replaced regardless.  Also included is a new central oil pickup.  The differential receives the same care with an upgrade to moly differential pins.


At a minimum, the following items have been replaced

1st motion roller bearing

1st motion spigot bearing

3rd motion roller bearing

3rd motion nose bearing

Idler bearing

Layshaft & Bearings

4 x baulkrings

Molybdenum competition diff pin

2 x planet gears & bronze thrusts

2 x output shaft mica washers

2 x Steel bound diff bearings

6 x Synchro springs and balls

Central oil pickup

Clutch oil seal

Rod change selector oil seal anti leak kit

New seals and gaskets to include the primary seal