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The Classic Mini

Quality rebuilt engines at a fraction of the cost from the big guys.

New AE Pistons

All rebuilds have new pistons installed.  Even on standard rebuilt 1275's.

Gearbox - Rebuilt, not Refurbished

See what is included with our rebuilt gearboxes. Even special differentials ratios.

New Parts

Almost everything in our rebuilt engines are new or rebuilt to new standards.


All HIF44, 1 3/4", carbs have been professionally rebuilt.  New carbs are available.

Duplex Timing Chain

All of our rebuilt engines are fitted with a Lightened Vernier Duplex Timing Gear Chain Set to ensure that the cam timing is spot on.

Cylinder Heads

All engines have had there heads rebuilt .

Intake Valves

Except for stock 1275 rebuilds, cylinder heads are fitted with Cooper S intakes valves,

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Did someone say Mini?
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Currently being Rebuilt

1275, 1293, 1312, 1330 & 1380


Stripped, cleaned, rebuilt.

Mini Parts

We have a variety of parts, both new and used.

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What new parts are included

New parts

Roller rocker valve train, steel push rods, valves, springs, camshaft, timing chain and sprockets, cam retaining plate, timing chain oil thrower and seal, pistons and rings, distributor, HIF44 carb, manifold, and more

What has been done to the block

New block

Hot tanked, freeze plugs and oil galley removed and replaced with new.

Lets not forget the gearbox


Each gearbox is broken down completely.  The case is steam cleaned, media blasted and all threads are cleaned and checked.  The internal parts are examined for wear and  replaced if questionable.  All items that are prone to high wear are replaced regardless.  Also included is a new central oil pickup.  The differential receives the same care with an upgrade to moly differential pins.

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